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Going back in time

What year is this? I thought it was 2012.

I can’t believe the shocking assault on what should be normal preventive health care for women. Birth control may have been controversial back in the 1950s and 1960s, but I thought we figured out years ago that family planning and spacing of babies is better for women and children and is the most effective way to prevent abortions.

This is not a religious issue; it’s a health issue. Many women take birth control pills for other health concerns; that’s between them and their doctors, not their employers. Twenty-eight states already mandate contraceptive coverage in their health care regulations with no exclusion for religious schools and hospitals.

It was not controversial until President Barack Obama mentioned it.

Now, the proposed Blunt amendment would allow any employer or insurance company to opt out of any form of medical care that they don’t agree with. Maybe they don’t believe in immunizations or X- rays. It makes no sense.

Can we get back to the real issues? Like unemployment, the economy, corporate personhood, the American dream, access to education, fair taxation and human rights.

Linda Hall



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