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Sun., Feb. 26, 2012

Did you follow last week’s headlines? Take this week’s quiz to find out how closely.

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1. Afghan protesters demonstrated outside Bagram Airfield after reports of

A. Increased drone strikes on the Taliban

B. U.S. troops burning the Quran

C. Peace talks between the government and the Taliban

D. Female soldiers being assigned to combat jobs

E. Coalition troops leaving the country sooner than expected

2. As of this weekend, which Republican presidential candidate had not made a campaign stop in the Inland Northwest?

A. Mitt Romney

B. Ron Paul

C. Rick Santorum

D. Newt Gingrich

E. Can’t fool me. Nothing in the Inland Northwest would bring presidential candidates here.

3. An Oregon teenager died last week after she drank alcohol and inhaled

A. Caffeine

B. Glue

C. Gasoline fumes

D. Helium

E. Correction fluid fumes

4. A federal judge ruled last week that pharmacists with religious objections don’t have to dispense

A. Plan B emergency contraceptives

B. All birth control pills

C. Viagra

D. Opiates

E. Can’t fool me. The judge said the pharmacies have to stock and dispense any legal drug.

5. The Idaho Legislature is considering a bill that would ban minors from

A. Texting while driving

B. Carrying a concealed weapon

C. Wearing obscene T-shirts

D. Appearing in classified ads for “escorts”

E. Using indoor tanning booths

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