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That’s NEWS to you

 Even if holiday gatherings kept you from following the news too closely last week, you might still do well on this week’s That’s News to You quiz because the questions are about news events from earlier in 2011.

It’s a warm-up to our longer, online 2011 That’s News to You quiz, which offers a special prize of a $100 gift certificate for the Davenport Hotel. You can find that one at www. newsquiz.

1. A former Oregon resident said she was convinced the notorious 1971 plane hijacker D.B. Cooper was

A. Her father

B. Her uncle

C. Her grandfather

D. Her brother

E. Her neighbor

2. The orbiter used for the last space shuttle mission was

A. Atlantis

B. Columbia

C. Discovery

D. Endeavour

E. Enterprise

3. Kevin Harpham, who eventually pleaded guilty to charges related to planting a bomb along the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Unity March in Spokane, was arrested after leaving his home near

A. Kettle Falls

B. Colfax

C. Chattaroy

D. Addy

E. Newport

4. When Idaho residents vote in a primary next year, what will be different?

A. They’ll all vote by mail

B. All counties will use computer voting machines

C. Only Republicans will be able to vote in the GOP primary

D. They’ll be able to register and vote that day

E. They’ll be able to vote on the Internet

5. A high school in which Washington town was a finalist for a commencement speech by President Obama?

A. Republic

B. Twisp

C. Yakima

D. Marysville

E. Bridgeport

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