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Fri., Jan. 6, 2012, midnight

Churches ignoring sins

With regard to the letter in your Dec. 24 edition, “Humanism more humane,” by Jack DeBaun, I have some insights to share. Political correctness is running rampant in this country and is being embraced by much of Christianity. Many churches have chosen the safe route of not defending traditional culture so as to appease progressives who would attack them.

It can be safely said that sins as described in the Bible are socially irrational behaviors. If church followers feel good about their socially irrational behaviors because their preachers refuse to address them, then those preachers are doing far more harm than good.

Would preachers in German churches during the 1930s have done society any good by only interpreting St. Paul’s letters and not discussing current events? The regions and countries DeBaun cites as being better off will be far less idyllic when their public troughs run dry.

Craig Detmer


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