January 6, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Curb the street myths


Unbelievable! Support for three myths in just one phrase: “… the extra costs … (of complete-street requirements) … will fall exclusively on motorists until bicyclists and others pony up … .” (Dec. 29 editorial).

Myth No. 1: Motorists are a separate group of people from bicyclists and pedestrians, and the groups have no overlapping membership.

Myth No. 2: The cost of city streets is completely covered by motorist taxes, and none by sales taxes, property taxes, businesses and occupation taxes, and other sources of revenue. (Please use your considerable research resources to determine and report the percentages before going down this mythical road. Include all the taxes that help pay the costs of initial construction, periodic repair, maintenance, cleaning and policing of city streets.)

Myth No. 3: The decisions regarding city street construction should be for the benefit of those paying the taxes (pretending for the moment that Myth No. 2 is in fact true). When in our history did the will of the people become limited to those individuals who pay the taxes? Would you have the liquor taxes be allocated solely for the benefit of the liquor drinkers? And the tobacco tax spent only for the benefit of smokers?

Peter Duffy


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