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That’s NEWS to you

Did you follow the news last week? Find out how closely. For a longer, interactive quiz and a chance to win lunch for two at the Davenport Hotel or two tickets to a Gonzaga men’s basketball game.

1. World Vets is an organization for

A. Former members of the Peace Corps.

B. U.S. veterinarians who volunteer in foreign countries.

C. U.S. military personnel who served in foreign wars.

D. Foreign nationals who have served in the U.S. military.

E. Can’t fool me. None of those is right.

2. The Taliban announced they were opening a political office in

A. Oman

B. Qatar

C. Saudi Arabia

D. Turkey

E. Yemen

3. Who is Richard Cordray, and why was he in the news last week?

A. He’s an attorney appointed the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

B. He’s a comedian who received a surprise Golden Globe nomination.

C. He’s a former Iraq War vet who killed a ranger in Mount Rainier National Park.

D. He’s a political pundit who correctly picked the finishers in the Iowa caucuses.

E. He’s a Seattle minister calling for Gov. Chris Gregoire’s impeachment over same-sex marriage legislation.

4. Boeing announced it was closing its facilities in

A. Everett

B. Oklahoma City

C. Renton, Wash.

D. San Antonio

E. Wichita, Kan.

5. Last week was a big week for college football bowl games. Which of the following university teams did NOT win its bowl game?

A. West Virginia

B. Oregon

C. Oklahoma State

D. Ohio State

E. Michigan


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