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Rainier tragedy runs deep

The tragic events in Rainer National Park underscore an unforgivable flaw in our nation’s policies regarding veterans.

When we, as an electorate, watch our elected officials send the cream of the crop to foreign soils to stand in harm’s way, we need to make sure these veterans are taken care of when they get home.

Politicians are all too eager to cut funds for things, especially things that sound like money for mental disorders. But when those disorders occur among the very ones who have protected our freedoms, we owe them better than they are getting.

Exponentially better.

The next politician that advocates reducing funds for veteran care should be dragged out onto the streets, publicly humiliated, removed from office and sent to wherever we have a war. There should be no shortage of choices.

If we aren’t going to support the troops after they get home, then let’s not send them in the first place. That would result in vastly more money being saved than shaving monies for veteran care.

In the end, saving money pales in comparison to saving lives and allowing soldiers to return to a productive life in the civilian arena.

John Palm

Colville, Wash.


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