January 10, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

‘Rent’ satisfies Satan


How can a community of homosexuals possibly be progress?

“Rent” is just another log Satan is using to fuel the fires of hell!

Satan is very satisfied and happy right now. Wringing his hands, thinking, “I’ve got them all believing my lies now. Come one, come all, eat, drink, lust, be merry. There is no need for moral responsibility. If it feels good, do it! Call it love. I am telling you God made you this way, so it’s OK.”

My prayer for 2012 is that we all search our own conscience (remember, that little nudge in you that was telling you there is something wrong with this way of thinking, this lifestyle of living?). I guarantee you we all have it.

Listen to that first little voice that made you feel ashamed of how you were feeling or thinking. Satan knows he will be destroyed in the fiery pit, and he doesn’t want to go alone.

Do you want to feel good, be happy? I challenge you to turn away from this evil Satan and his lies, and turn back to God before it’s too late. Only God, who is love, has the power to save us from destruction.

Dolores Welch

Post Falls

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