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Wed., Jan. 11, 2012

Global warming a scam

Well, I see that the global warming cultists are back. Evidently the progressives need diversions from their partisan green energy frauds, currently costing in the tens of billions of tax dollars, and climbing.

How ironic that these sophistry-swilling supplicants continue to deride and defame those who do not adhere to, or have the impertinence to contest the best politically prescribed “climate” consensus that government grant money can buy.

The only empirically documented fraud, deceit and manipulation of environmental data come from their green pseudo-scientists and corrupt international kleptocrats, irrefutably exposed via their own self-damning, conspiratorial emails or continuous unrealized apocalyptic predictions.

What do these Luddites really want? An ice sheet one mile high, coming down from Canada, like the last major Ice Age? The famine, disease and death that occurred during the last Little Ice Age? Or perhaps a despotic one-world oligarchy dictating every aspect of life and death to their serfs?

The climate always has, and will continue to vacillate over countless millennia, regardless of man. But if you choose to genuflect toward Al Gore’s pagan image in the Church of the Eternal Enviro-scam, then buy your carbon credits, eat your Soylent Green and shiver on your own.

Gary Warren


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