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Bail out the millionaires

Well, it’s over in Iowa, and Republicans there decided by eight votes to go with their heads instead of their hearts. That’s because President Barack Obama must go.

Naturally, they hate what he’s doing to “our” country. Let’s examine the record!

Basically, he insists on leading us down the path to socialism. Why? Because he lacks knowledge on how the economy works. Doesn’t he know that health care always works best when some of us are lucky enough to afford it and the rest of us go to the emergency room? This is evidenced by his insisting on class welfare. He’s always pitting Grandma’s Social Security check against Donald Trump’s tax bracket. In short he’s killing the entrepreneurial spirit in this country. Didn’t he realize that it’s one thing to bail out banks, but it’s entirely different when it comes to automakers?

No matter who emerges after the primaries, you don’t need any other plan to defeat Obama but to halt the march to socialism by allowing the “job creators” to keep their tax brackets in place, because everyone knows that you can only balance the federal budget by cutting entitlement programs while millionaires are free to create jobs.

Lloyd Brown


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