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Voters thought ride was wrong direction

Thu., Jan. 12, 2012

The article in the Valley Voice by Nina Culver on Jan. 5 regarding the “wonderful ride” of former Spokane Valley City Councilman Bill Gothmann begs an honest response.

He is still bitter about the Positive Change people that were duly elected to the council in 2009. It was a fair election. The citizens of this city voted and five new people took office. Gothmann should ask himself why so many council people were thrown out of office at one time. Could it be that the majority of Valley voters thought this city was headed in the wrong direction? That they were spending too much taxpayer money on outside consultants? That the Sprague/Appleway Revitalization Project was bad for local business? The previous council failed miserably and was booted out of office.

Gothmann says that some present council members are meeting for coffee every morning at Rosauers and that “issues are being discussed and perhaps even decided before the council meetings.” “There are some things going on that are wrong, and I describe it as a ‘Shadow Government,’ ” he says.

Give me a break! People all over our great country meet for coffee in the mornings. I happen to be one of those evil people that meets at Rosauers. Never, ever are decisions made there by council people. There has never, ever been a quorum.

It’s a shame that as he rides into the sunset, Gothmann has to shoot back over his shoulder at good honest people that are trying to better our city.

Bill Bates

Spokane Valley


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