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Frack attack erroneous

I cannot let stand the inaccurate comments from Rusty Nelson (Jan. 3) on fracing (pronounced fracking). Fracing is the relatively new procedure that allows the collection of natural gas where it was previously not possible. Based on Nelson’s comments, I assume he has watched the documentary “Gasland,” which has the same false assertions.

Both assert that fracing has caused drinking water to be flammable. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) tested the flammable water and found the natural gas was from “biogenic sources” and not from the fracing. It is easy to tell because biogenic natural gas (think decaying organic matter) does not have larger hydrocarbons like the propane or natural gas from fracing does.

In fact, the “Gasland” claims that are the same as Nelson’s were found to be so false that the COGCC, which is a division of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, published the “Gasland Correction Document.” The interested reader could find further information on their website.

Nelson also insinuates that fracing is exempt from the onerous regulations that other industries enjoy. That is also false. Far from being the “crime against the 99 percent and the Earth itself,” fracing is environmentally safe.

Todd Bischoff

Spokane Valley


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