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Keep schools desirable

In June, my family and I moved from Tacoma to Spokane.

While in Tacoma and during visits to Spokane, we heard “You’ll like Spokane. It’s a great place to raise a family. Spokane has great schools.” I’ve met other families who’ve moved here because they heard similar.

After seven months, I agree. My children attend Hamblen Elementary School. We’ve been pleased with the staff, academics and programs, and felt welcome within the community and our school. My kids’ teachers, Principal Rita Forsythe, and school staff have reached out to help my kids’ transition to their new school.

A replacement levy is on the Feb. 14 ballot that is almost 25 percent of the Spokane school district’s operational funding. That funding keeps class sizes reasonable; it keeps elementary art and music programs, sports, clubs and intramural programs, counselors, librarians, nurses, custodial, maintenance and office staff. It helps fund student transportation.

These are people and services that make a difference to my children and all children. They also make a difference between so-so schools and great schools.

Vote “Yes for Kids” on the Feb. 14 school levy. Great schools = strong communities = a place families want to live!

Kim Andersen



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