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Paul is the safe candidate

Ron Paul has to battle the other candidates, as well as the mainstream media.

The MSM and their opinion-making pundits are still very influential as to what most people see, what they don’t, and what they should think.

But despite being told regularly that Paul can’t possibly win, and that they should vote for someone else that they have determined was the most electable, the real folks still vote for him.

Most on the right agree with Paul’s well-laid-out plan to cut $1 trillion from the actual budget, but they say his foreign policy is dangerous.

Paul says it’s not a good thing for Iran to get a bomb, but he thinks that diplomacy and containment, such as we did with the former Soviet Union, is the best way to handle it.

President Obama and the rest of the Republican presidential field think we should go into Iran, cowboy style, and bomb these many dispersed and hardened sites, possibly starting World War III.

What could possibly go wrong with that plan?

And they claim Paul is dangerous.

Gary D. Rhodes



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