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Send kids outside

I have read and seen several articles recently about childhood obesity. There is an easy solution to this problem besides limiting their food intake, and it’s much cheaper.

Take away their electronic gadgetry and send them outside to play. As my mother used to say, “Go outside and play and get the stink blown off you.” The first thing we did after school was change our clothes and head outside to play physical games like Kick the Can, Washington Punch, baseball or football.

At 79, I don’t recall the exact names of the games, but we stayed outside until we were forced to come in for dinner or darkness, and even then we played under the lights.

Now they come home and sit down with their electronic gadgets until they go to bed; no real physical activity at all accept putting food in their mouth and sitting in front of or using a gadget. Take them away and the pounds will disappear faster than you can say iPod!

James A. Nelson



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