Letters to the Editor

SATURDAY, JAN. 14, 2012

Will water rates change?

Dear Mayor David Condon:

During your election campaign you seemed to place a lot of emphasis on water rates, that they were excessive, maybe even unnecessary. You went to great lengths to make this point, even using at least one giant billboard to let everyone know how you felt. I, for one, am in agreement on this issue.

What remains now is for voters to know what you intend to do about the rate increases. A voter could be led to believe that it was your intention to roll back the water rates that were put in place by former Mayor Mary Verner, or to at least eliminate the tiered pricing structure that was implemented.

What will it be, mayor? Are you going to follow through and do something about this issue or is this the first small step to your legacy as yet another one-term Spokane mayor?

Tom Starr


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