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Sun., Jan. 15, 2012

Conservatives need mirror

Last week, those rock-ribbed conservative tea party people were all over President Barack Obama for being a socialist. This week they are all over him for being a fascist – two diametrically opposed political viewpoints that could only be conflated by whoever wrote the current talking points for overheated conservatives.

They are two mutually exclusive philosophies. Applying them to the same politician does not magically morph them into one. As for fascism – let’s look at the conservative course over the last 40 years: Relentless nationalism – yep; disdain for human rights – yes indeed; scapegoating (how ’bout them immigrants!); militarism (invade Iraq!); sexism (birth control – not for you, little lady!); and controlled mass media (Fox News).

Also, obsession with national security (airport gropings), crime and punishment, religion/ruling elite conjoined, corporate power protected (Citizens United), suppression of organized labor, disdain for education and educated people. Add rampant cronyism and corruption, fraudulent elections (Republicans don’t worry about voter fraud in their own primaries – only suppressing your vote).

These are the hallmarks of fascism. Interesting – all have become manifest in America, thanks to the enthusiastic support of the conservative movement. And I’m supposed to be terrified of Obama? Give me a break.

Nancy Runyan

Spokane Valley

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