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SUNDAY, JAN. 15, 2012

Hornswoggled on education

When K-12 education takes more than 43 percent of the general budget, $10,000 spent on each student, and the Washington Supreme Court says education is underfunded, it is clear we have been hornswoggled.

In 2012, we must elect a superintendent of public instruction and legislators who believe that a new definition of basic education and a major change in our educational goals and methods, not more money, is needed.

The proposed budget cuts are clearly aimed at the neediest, a continuation of the class warfare the Legislature initiated last year with a frontal attack on alternative education, a very cost-effective educational program whose funding was cut by 20 percent while regular failing programs received increases.

It is clearly a question of where costs are going to be cut: overpaid workers or those in need. Or a proposed tax increase.

The salaries of state employees and the bloated budgets of the dysfunctional, self-serving K-12 education colossus seem untouchable. A 20 percent across-the-board salary cut would help, the same hit alternative education took during the last legislative session!

Except for spending our money, legislators do not seem to be interested in the rest of us, those not represented by a union!

John Axtell

Valley, Wash.

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