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Miles better? Uh, no!

Before the BCS Championship football game, some were suggesting that LSU’s Les Miles was a better coach than Alabama’s Nick Saban. I believe these thoughts will be gone for a long, long time. It appears Miles really had no plan and he did not deviate from it all night.

Now about the starting quarterback. Talk about the “deer-in-the-headlights look.” Not since Marty Feldman have I seen eyes so large.

LSU: One of the great teams of all time? I think not. And the “Honey Badger” may have been smoking his bath salts again because his new nickname should be “Road Kill.”

Now as far as coach Mike Gundy and Oklahoma State. Get real! Ignoring your loss to the powerful Iowa State team, you were outplayed and should have lost to Stanford and would have except for the Stanford coach doing his best Les Miles impersonation. And this was the Stanford team that was thumped by Oregon that was thumped by LSU.

Stay in Stillwater and whine, because if you had been playing against either LSU or Alabama there would  have been calls for a new mercy rule to end games. Your quarterback would have thrown 50 passes? Perhaps, but the last 40 would have been from his hospital room. It’s hard to throw the football when you are running for your life. You had a great year and have a good program and I wish you well in the future. 

Rob Garrett