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Plowing was unnecessary

What a beautiful winter morning! Brilliant sun and fleecy clouds. And while I would have loved to see more snow than fell last night, the dusting left just a little on the cold surfaces (like my front yard) and virtually nothing on the arterial that runs in front of my home.

But that wonderfully quiet beauty was suddenly and abruptly interrupted by the roar and eventually presence of one of those giant trucks that we typically see on Interstate 90, U.S. 195 and many of our arterials after a major snowfall, say 12 to 15 inches. But this time, the only thing flying off the blade in front of this truck was sparks as it scraped nothing but a little water off the roadway.

Now, it seems to me that our local media has for some time been full of the budget problems facing the city. So as this emergency vehicle came roaring by my home, I wondered if its very capable driver was getting overtime or double time for being called in on a Sunday to do something that was completely unnecessary, and perhaps even damaging our fragile streets.

Just wondering.

Keith LaMotte



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