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Fri., Jan. 20, 2012

Satan not a factor

After reading the “Satan” letter written by Dolores Welch, I was beginning to wonder what century she is in. This sounds more like the Salem witch trials than the logical, critical thinking of the 21st century.

Obviously, Welch must not have anyone close to her that is of a different sexual orientation. This narrow-minded, superstitious thinking can become very dangerous. History has demonstrated this kind of mentality (we’re the chosen ones, so all others must be destroyed) can lead to the annihilation of certain groups of people. The guilt and shame she expresses, that people unlike her should feel, is just what gay and lesbian teens do not need to hear.

This vital segment of our population has a high suicide rate. Welch should look outside of her narrow little box and discover that there is a biological factor involved with our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, not a “Satan” one.

Lee Ann Greaves


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