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The Slice: Blame it on being horizontally challenged

Garry Matlow and several other readers suggested that I probably meant “vertical hold” when I referred to “horizontal hold” the other day in an allusion to the joys of old-time TV watching.

Could be. I’m not any better at keeping that straight than I am in remembering the implications of daylight saving time. Will it be lighter sooner or lighter later or later sooner or what?

In any event, a number of readers told of regularly spending time reaching around to the back of the set and trying to get the picture to stay still.

Then, Marilyn Othmer recalled, color TV arrived and setting the tint and brightness in a way that suited everyone became the new challenge.

Slice reader Dennis Schneider wonders: How many around here remember a team of Spokane radio deejays known as Four Bobs and Frantic Frank?

Slice answer: Jeannie Maki’s all-consuming passion as a kid was horses. “When I was about 2-3 years old, I met my uncle’s work horses, Jack and Tom. It has been horses ever since, over 60 years of unfaltering, unfailing love.”

Belly up to the bar code: Feel free to construct a personality profile of single-copy SR purchasers based on this.

“I was just wondering how many people have the UPC code for the Spokesman memorized,” wrote Cindy Wallgren. “I do, as do two of my co-workers. We are cashiers and have found people WILL NOT turn loose of their papers to be scanned. They will tuck them under their arm. Less of a fight to just memorize and punch in. No other item causes this much hassle.”

Omission noted: A reader pointed out that I left “Moonlight Serenade” off last week’s list of moon songs to listen to ahead of Monday’s Lunar New Year. She’s right. Not sure how I forgot. And I even went through a Glenn Miller/big band phase back in the ’70s. I wished I could play the slide trombone.

Today’s Slice question: Ever drop a knife in the kitchen or dining room and have it stick upright in the floor?

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