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Clark: Facebook user puts another nail in self-control coffin

There’s a vital message to the planet contained in the story headlined:

“Man hardly fazed by nail in his brain.”

And no, the vital message has nothing to do with any misplaced nail.

Heck, X-ray all the bozos we elect year after year. I’m betting half of them at least have loose screws rattling around inside their cranial cavities.

How else do you account for the ridiculous ways they waste our money?

But getting back to our point …

Dante Autullo, a 32-year-old Illinois man, was using a nail gun in his workshop when the device somehow went off on his noggin.

(NOTE: This is why I avoid contact with power tools or any sort of manual labor.)

But as riveting as this not-so handyman’s ordeal is, here’s the real shocker.

And I quote: “… he posted the X-ray on Facebook during his ambulance ride between hospitals for surgery.”

My friends, the social media is a social disease.

Slowly and surely, this obsession for sharing personal information through posts, texts and tweets has blurred the lines of discretion, common sense and sometimes even decency.

Try to put yourself in Dante’s gurney.

You’re on your way to surgery. And not just any ol’ surgery.

Neurosurgeons will attempt to yank a 3-inch hardware store item from deep inside your think box.

This is nothing to sneeze at, as anyone who has ever watched an episode of “House” knows.

You could die. Even worse, you could decide to run for county commissioner.

So here’s the question:

Do you really want your potentially last act on Earth to be some freakish Facebook post for all to gawk at?

Many of you will answer that with a loud YES!

That’s because you’ve been infected with social media disease. One of the symptoms is the delusion that no detail is too inane or personal for mass distribution.

Twitter is the lowest form of this TMI: “Too Much Idiocy.”

The phenomenon has grown to some 300 million users, and according to a recent market study, 40.1 percent of all tweets are “pointless babble.”

Or worse.

Last week Yuri Wright, a New Jersey high school football star, was expelled and put his college scholarship in jeopardy by treating his 1,600 Twitter followers to such intellectually stimulating observations as …

“I’m starving and I want some #%$*! right now.”

And: “Imma marry me a bad ass white women someday!”

Now I don’t know if Yuri’s horndog discourse should wreck his football career. I do, however, believe in harsh punishment for raping the language.

The kid spelled orgasm as “organism,” for crying out loud.

I know. I know.

I’m just the old kook on the front porch who yells at the kids to stay off his lawn.


Or maybe I’m more like Kevin McCarthy, the actor who played the small-town doctor in the old sci-fi classic, “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

In that movie, each member of the community is replaced by a duplicate, but unfeeling, pod person.

Only McCarthy is able to escape with his humanity intact. He makes it to a highway where he tries to warn the unsuspecting world by yelling:

“They’re already here! You’re next!”

Now that’s a message worth posting.

Doug Clark is a columnist for The Spokesman-Review. He can be reached at (509) 459-5432 or by email at dougc@spokesman.com.

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