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Sun., Jan. 22, 2012

Follow the news last week? Prove it. And try a longer, interactive test (and a chance to win $50 to the Davenport Hotel) at spokesman. com/newsquiz.

1. The Idaho Supreme Court ordered the state’s new redistricting plan to be redrawn because

A. It divides too many counties

B. It creates too many Democratic districts

C. It creates too many Republican districts

D. It doesn’t divide the population evenly

E. It doesn’t offer protections for minority voters

2. Voters in one state submitted some 1 million signatures on petitions to recall their governor. What state?

A. Arizona

B. California

C. Michigan

D. Ohio

E. Wisconsin

3. A fire in the Everglades destroyed one of the world’s oldest cypress trees last week. How old was the tree, sometimes known as “the Senator”?

A. About 2,000 years

B. About 2,500 years

C. About 3,000 years

D. About 3,500 years

E. About 4,000 years

4. The Costa Concordia cruise ship sank after it came too close to a Mediterranean island off what European country?

A. France

B. Greece

C. Italy

D. Spain

E. Monte Carlo

5. Researchers on a Pacific island discovered a species that Darwin studied but scientists believed had been extinct for more than 150 years. What kind of animal is it?

A. An auk

B. A dodo

C. An iguana

D. A penguin

E. A tortoise


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