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TUESDAY, JAN. 24, 2012

God won’t condemn

There was a time when God did judge those who lived this gay lifestyle, but since we are under the new covenant of grace, God is not going to judge anyone for their lifestyle – not yet. John 3:17 states that Jesus did not come into this world to condemn it. The ministry of the Holy Spirit now is to convict (convince) those of their unbelief in Jesus, so don’t bother to ask God to convict (judge) anyone of what they are doing. He won’t.

That’s not until Jesus sets his feet on the Earth again. There are too many Christians who want God to judge people now because of what they are doing. It is a lie to say that they were born that way. They were, as all are, born with the nature of a sinner. If you believe in Christ, then God will place the very life of Christ in you and then you will have the very nature of Christ himself, and that is the true nature to have.

Living the gay lifestyle is only conducive of the nature they were born with. God is interested in exchanging that old man nature to the divine life of Christ in us.

Jerry Leming


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