Snow angels there to help after season’s first big storm

THURSDAY, JAN. 26, 2012

When the first really big snow of the season hit last week, the predictable chaos came with it. Streets were slick, sidewalks were buried, cars stalled and many struggled to get to and from home and work.

Add to that the new parking restrictions from the city of Spokane – park only on the odd numbered side of the street during a snow emergency or receive a $30 fine – and schools calling a Friday snow day and you have a typical Spokane snowstorm.

Sure, a lot of snow can be annoying and that first hit is always an adjustment, but hey, it happens every year. And it brings out the best in some people.

Here are a couple of notes from readers who are grateful for their helpful neighbors.

Sharon Swanson is sandwiched between two helpful souls:

“A wonderful neighbor in the Cascade Mobile Home Park plowed out the snow berm in my carport. He is my angel because I was struggling to shovel it out. His name is Mark. The neighbor on the other side of me (also named Mark) shoveled out my walkway and wheelchair ramp. I’m blessed by Marks!”

Charles Hansen wrote that he can count on getting a fresh-baked apple pie when he clears his neighbor’s driveway.

Josh has lots of praise for his neighbor Mort:

“My wife and I moved into our first home in the Audubon area in May and were immediately welcomed by our neighbors. We had heard of a neighbor who would work on snowblowing all of the sidewalks on the street, as well as the walkways up to our front porches. This week, we saw that in action and we are so grateful. Our neighbor Mort is a kind man, always willing to help the residents of our streets – we have several single parents, as well as several older residents on our street, and Mort helps without asking or complaining. By the time we ask him for something, he’s already in action. We’re really grateful for our neighbor and our neighborhood!”

And finally, here’s a note from Shannon:

“I moved home to take care of my parents about a year ago. They are 83 and 78 and have lived here for 42 years and I have never been so impressed with people like I am with their neighbors. The snowfall was “handled” by the neighbors on either side who were snow blowing the driveways and sidewalks and walkways. … What great folks. They are always offering assistance in any way, and it is very comforting to know that my parents have such wonderful people watching over them. In this day of self-serving and less-than-neighborly attitudes, this gives me ‘warm fuzzies’ and hope!”

Do you have a helpful neighbor? Tell us about it. Send an email to staff writer Pia Hallenberg at piah@spokesman.com.

Pia Hallenberg

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