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Sun., Jan. 29, 2012

Did you follow the news last week? Take this week’s quiz to find out. Then, for a longer, interactive quiz and a chance to win a gift certificate to the Davenport, go to

1. Spokane Valley resident Skip Ritner received an award from the Classic Car Club of America because of his work on what make of automobile?

A. Model T

B. Packard

C. Stanley Steamer

D. Duesenberg

E. Studebaker

2. Wildlife experts complained that a new movie, “The Grey,” gives an unrealistic view of wolves attacking people. What’s the number of documented fatal attacks by wolves on humans in North America?

A. 4 in 20 years

B. 3 in 40 years

C. 2 in 60 years

D. 1 in 75 years

E. Can’t fool me. There are no documented cases of fatal wolf attacks on humans in North America.

3. What country voted last week to join the European Union?

A. Croatia

B. Greece

C. Finland

D. Serbia

E. Can’t fool me. All of those countries were already in the EU.

4. Kootenai County Reagan Republicans would like to follow Washington state’s lead on what issue?

A. Not having an income tax

B. Privatizing liquor stores

C. Reducing the interstate speed limit to 70 mph

D. Passing a Growth Management Act

E. Adopting a higher minimum wage

5. Idaho Gov. Butch Otter wants a federal agency to hold a meeting in the state to discuss what?

A. Breaching Snake River dams to protect salmon

B. Allowing megaloads on state highways

C. Shipping nuclear waste to INEEL

D. Closing the Lucky Friday Mine

E. Census figures that are significantly lower than the state estimated


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