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Tue., Jan. 31, 2012

They can’t be serious

Remember when tennis player John McEnroe screamed at the chair umpire, “You cannot be serious”?

That’s how I felt when I heard candidate Mitt Romney say, “They’re just envious! It’s the politics of envy.” I had the same response when Rick Santorum said, “The first way to succeed in America is to work.”

How out of touch with reality can these politicians be? Does Romney really think people want his house rather than the house they had worked for and lost because their jobs were sent overseas, downsized or destroyed by a venture capitalist?

Does Santorum think the 13 million people out of work wouldn’t be happy to work if there were any jobs? Until the very wealthy men and women running for federal office get in touch with real people and their problems, we’ll all have to join McEnroe and scream, “You cannot be serious!”

Mikel Reuter


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