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Sun., July 1, 2012

Here’s a chance to see how closely you followed the news last week. You can also try the interactive version of the quiz online at www.spokesman. com/newsquiz, where you could have a chance to win a $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel or two upper-box tickets to a Spokane Indians game.

1. Washington State University has a new marketing campaign called

A. Wave the Flag

B. Hear Us Roar!

C. More Cougs, more often

D. Cougs R Us

E. Can’t fool me. WSU wouldn’t use any of those slogans.

2. Bonners Ferry, Idaho, was drenched with heavy rains during June, for a total of 4.39 inches. That broke a record set in

A. 1951

B. 1961

C. 1971

D. 1981

E. 1991

3. Spokane hospitals have new plans for combating a growing number of patients with sepsis, which is also known as

A. Blood poisoning

B. Shingles

C. Whooping cough

D. Flesh-eating disease

E. Chicken pox

4. The U.S. Census Bureau released figures on how much money states spend on public school students. Which of the following is true?

A. Washington was behind Idaho.

B. Idaho was behind Washington.

C. The two states were tied.

D. Idaho officials said they were concerned, but Washington officials said the list wasn’t important.

E. Can’t fool me. The Census Bureau doesn’t have figures on education funding.

5. The Spokane Shock set an AFL record in their game against San Jose for

A. The most yards penalized in a game

B. The most fumbles recovered in a game

C. The most touchdowns scored in a game

D. The most passes completed in a game

E. The most points scored in a game


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Find the answers on page B10.

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