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Find a friend for a low price from SCRAPS

All cats and kittens available for adoption for $15

The cat room at the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service is bursting at the seams, prompting the shelter to offer a sale on cat adoptions that ends today.

The shelter usually charges $62.70 to adopt a cat younger than 6 months old or $40 for a cat older than 6 months. The sale is offering adoption of cats of any age for $15. The fee still includes a license, vet check, microchip, spay or neuter and vaccinations.

Fifty cats have come in the door since Sunday, said operations manager Nicole Montano. It’s a mix of owner surrenders, strays and litters of kittens.

“You name it, we’re getting them,” she said. “Generally we’ll see a kitten season in late spring. It does seem a bit late to see the influx we’ve been seeing.”

The cats that have been surrendered are coming for a variety of reasons, including owners moving or no longer being able to care for the animal.

“We have a variety of colors and sexes,” Montano said. “Some of the cats are even declawed.”

Anyone interested in bringing home a cat should bring the whole family to the shelter to meet the feline. “Make sure it’s a cat everyone likes,” she said. “Make sure the cat’s personality matches yours.”

Those who rent should also check to make sure they are allowed to have a cat before they bring one home. “We’ve seen cats coming back in just a couple days after adoption because the owner won’t allow them,” she said.

Cats generally have simple needs and don’t need much more than food, water and a litter box. Montano also recommends a scratching post and many cats like cat trees so they can get up high and look out the windows.

The shelter has had several cat adoption sales in recent months because of the high number of cats coming in. Eight cats were sent to an animal rescue organization in Renton, Wash., on Thursday, but cats are expected to continue coming in. “Our goal is to increase the number of animals that are getting adopted,” she said. “We want to find all the homeless pets a home. We’re trying any means possible.”

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