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Israel’s enemies cost us more

If Myrta Ladich and Marianne Torres (June 30) think Israeli policies are costly for us, perhaps they should consider how much Israel’s neighbors are costing us, both in terms of money and lives.

Think of the time lost and cost involved with the Transportation Security Administration during travel, the checking of all incoming freight for bombs, the lives and cost incurred by the destruction of 9/11, the money and lives consumed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They should also consider the stress caused by being completely surrounded by 100 million or more people who are committed to the absolute destruction of your country and every living person in it. Imagine Afghanistan on our northern border and Iran on our southern border, if you’re having difficulty experiencing what it might feel like.

Israel is perhaps the most loyal and best ally the United States has, and for the past three years we have treated them very poorly indeed. If you have doubts about who loves us more, remember the Palestinians laughing and shooting guns in the air while Israelis wept in the streets after 9/11. If the authors wish to save money, let’s discontinue aid to Pakistan and Egypt!

Hal Dixon



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