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Romney an unhealthy choice

Heavens to Murgatroyd!

What we’ve got here, ladies and gentlemen, is a wannabe president (Mitt Romney) who is claiming that if he’s elected, he’ll abolish President Barack Obama’s health care plan. I ask all of you out there of sound mind and body this: Wouldn’t you rather have a president who’s looking out for the health and wellness of the people? And have a president who’s sensitive, caring, kind and reachable running things in Washington, D.C.?

Or a guy who likes being able to fire people (again, Romney), and take away a really good, solid chance for America to get healthy again?

You people, look around your own town. Whaddya see? I’ll tell you what I see: rampant lingering sickness, rotting teeth in the mouths of young adults and obesity through the roof! Some Spokanites are among some of the most unhealthy-looking human beings I’ve ever seen.

If you and the health of your families matter, turn a cold shoulder to Romney in November. He wants nothing more than to keep you as unhealthy as some of you are right now.

And he means it, most certainly.

Ryan Karr



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