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Not entitled to easy work

I own a delivery business and have a hard time finding decent employees. I typically start new employees at $10 or $11 an hour. I offer overtime, and my senior driver makes over $3,000 per month, which is more than I pay myself. It is a tough job. There is frequent heavy lifting, and the deliveries go to rural areas at night.

Turnover is high, and I am constantly hiring new drivers, who in their interview claim that heavy lifting and night driving are fine. Then, typically, two days later they quit, don’t show, or are such a lousy employee that they are let go.

Our society has taught people a sense of entitlement in the workplace. I believe that anyone who is willing to work hard and be humble can support their family. Although I am an educated person who has made six figures at certain points, I was also willing to work at a lumber yard for $10 an hour when times were tough. And, guess what? It was enough to pay my bills and support my family at a modest level.

Unemployed white-collar workers should be willing to accept a blue-collar job. Period.

Scott Cooney



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