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The Slice: She had the good scents to be concerned

Lest evildoers get ideas, I’m just going to call this reader Sandy.

“We have a patio door off our bedroom that I like to leave open at night when it’s hot,” she wrote. “Our two cats like that very much. They wander in and out all night. If we close the screen door the cats bang on it.

“Last night at 3:17 a.m., I roll over and wake slightly just in time to see a cat wander through the door. Only we don’t have long-haired cats and the tail on this one was really large and fuzzy. I sit up in bed to see who this invader is and of course that’s when I see the STRIPE.”

As Sandy froze and watched, the skunk nosed around a bit and then nonchalantly strolled back outside.

At least she didn’t think he was talking about TV’s “The Big Valley”: Jim Clanton was on the phone with his daughter in Southern California when he mentioned Stockton filing for bankruptcy.

She thought he was talking about the retired basketball player with Spokane ties, not the financially strapped Northern California city.

Improv kitchen: Leslie Seamon thinks her sister, Nancy Osborn, is a genius.

“She wanted tomatoes on her sandwich, but only had those cute little cherry tomatoes. If you have ever tried to slice those and put on a sandwich, you’ll know that’s a bad idea. So she put them in a little food processor, chopped and drained them and mixed with mayo — making Tomayo.”

Re: Monday’s Slice: Keith Currie and Mary Lines were among the responding readers who correctly identified Spokane’s connections to the 2004 movie “Million Dollar Baby.” (Both Clint Eastwood and Hilary Swank lived here briefly as children.) Randomly selected, they win the coveted reporter’s notebooks.

Generation gap: “Here’s a childhood gag lost to the ages,” wrote Liz Cox. “Remember eating an ear of corn as if it were a typewriter carriage because you saw it in a ‘Heckle and Jeckle’ cartoon? Chomp-chomp-chomp-DING! Chomp-chomp-chomp-DING! It was hilarious to other 8-year-olds.”

Today’s Slice question: What would you say to the driver of a car in which you were riding if he or she started texting?

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