July 13, 2012 in Features

‘Reunion’ a vehicle for nudity, nostalgia

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Tuesday: “Casa de mi Padre,” “Friends With Kids,” “Here,” “Intruders,” “Lockout,” “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen,” “The Three Stooges,” “The Turin Horse”

July 24: “The Deep Blue Sea,” “Footnote,” “The Lucky One,” “Meeting Evil,” “My Way”

“American Reunion”: In some ways, “American Reunion” is the Charlize Theron indie “Young Adult” all over again: In both, a small-town high school reunion is the setting for a lot of nostalgia and narcissism and nasty behavior. Jason Reitman directed “Young Adult,” and got Theron to bare her soul; Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg direct “American Reunion,” and get a bevy of actresses to bare their breasts. And get Jason Biggs to go full frontal. (1:47, R for crude and sexual content throughout, nudity, language, brief drug use and teen drinking) • • 1/2

“The Flowers of War”: The movie is a massive clash of content and tone, a strange hybrid of “City of Life and Death” and “Father Goose” that nevertheless, in the hands of Zhang Yimou, musters a few striking moments. (2:21, R for strong violence including a sexual assault, disturbing images, and brief strong language) • • 1/2

“Margaret”: “Margaret” is Kenneth Lonergan’s raw and affecting character study of Lisa (Anna Paquin), a high school kid of privilege (and of divorce), grappling with guilt after an impulsive act contributes to a fatal accident. (2:29, R for strong language, sexuality, some drug use and disturbing images) • • •

“Quill: The Life of a Guide Dog”: The documentary-like story of a yellow Labrador retriever guide dog for the blind named Quill. He is paired with a blind man named Watanabe Mitsuru who is at first reluctant to rely on Quill. Quill’s great patience, gentleness and skill eventually wins over a reluctant blind man, and they become inseparable friends. (1:40, NR)

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