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Soldier’s service uplifting

I attended the memorial of Jarrod Lallier. He attended school with my son. I’ve questioned God as to why he had to die at such a young age. However, his memorial service spoke to hundreds of people about his great love for God, his family and friends, and his country.

His sister read a beautiful letter that he’d prepared for his family in case he would not return home; that he felt so very blessed to have had such wonderful loving family and friends, to have lived his dream of serving his country, and that he looked forward to meeting everyone again in heaven.

His testimony reached hundreds, and his death accomplished the purpose of sharing his faith and purpose in life. I’m sure that all who were present were deeply touched by his testimony and received blessings of encouragement and spiritual inspiration. Jarrod served God and his country. Thank you, Jarrod!

Upon entering the church, I walked between dozens of combat survivors, standing at attention and holding American flags. I was overcome with emotion and, in retrospect, I wished that I had turned around and expressed my gratitude to these soldiers for their service to our country, and that I was so very glad they had returned home. God bless our military and their families!

Debby Gillies



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