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Hubby appreciates all that wife does

Dear Annie: My wife and I just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. We have two beautiful boys. We’ve known each other since we were teenagers.

I find myself thinking about what type of husband and father I have been. I am a police officer, and with this career comes a list of special stressors. I know that I never have been as romantic as my wife would like.

My wife does the majority of housework, laundry and child rearing. While I play with my boys, my wife is doing housework. When I tuck the boys into bed, she is doing the laundry or making lunches for kids.

Even though I am not outwardly as affectionate as I should be, not a minute passes without my wanting my wife and kids to be happy, healthy and safe. My wife has put up with all of my shortcomings and the stress that I have surely put on her. I just wanted the chance to say that even though it may look like I don’t notice everything she does, I do. I appreciate the love she gives me, even when my hard-nosed attitude makes her ill. Happy anniversary, Charlotte, and I promise to try to be more if you promise to stick around for the rest of my life. – Empty Head, Full Heart

Dear Husband: You sound like a keeper. Happy anniversary.