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Recycling program a go in Fairfield

Sat., July 14, 2012, midnight

Bin located behind City Hall

After months of discussion and debate, Fairfield residents now have a place to drop off recycling. A bin has been placed behind City Hall on Main Street.

The town signed a contract with Empire Disposal to provide the bin, which will be emptied as needed at a cost of $175 per trip. The bin has been in place since June 27 and is almost ready to be emptied, said town clerk Cheryl Loeffler. “It’s pretty darn close,” she said.

The city considered offers from other recycling companies but Empire’s offer was cheaper and more in line with what the town wanted, said council member Brian Kauffman. Empire also handles trash pickup. “They have the ability to check it every week since they’re here already,” he said.

Some citizens complained about some of the proposed locations for the bin, saying they worried about odors and trash near their homes. “They were on city-owned property but were near homes,” Kauffman said. “We listened to the public and moved it right behind City Hall.”

The program seems to be going well so far. “The nice thing about this container is that you don’t have to separate,” he said. “The only thing they ask you to do it wash out your containers. The public has really welcomed the idea of having it here. It seems to be a pretty good program. I’m happy with it.”

Kauffman said he used to throw his recycling out with the trash. “It was kind of hard to justify being green by recycling and then driving 30 miles to town to drop it off,” he said.

But now Kauffman is using the recycling bin and hopes to be able to reduce his trash can size and save some money every month. “There’s not a down side to this,” he said. “I’m really happy it’s finally available.”

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