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Fire McMorris Rodgers

We now have the politics of failure. Democrats and Republicans are like a married couple who can’t agree on what color to paint their home, so one of them burns down the home to prevent the other one from having the color they wanted.

Republican leaders, like our congresswoman, are holding the lighted match and are willing to figuratively burn down America to keep Democrats out of the White House and Congress. The single goal is to keep the other side from passing any bills and to block implementation of bills that have already passed. Republicans are now turning to each state to block health care reform.

We need to send representatives to Congress who will work with others to address our problems and issues. We have become content with simply blocking the other side from implementing their solutions or programs. I wonder how long any of us would last at our job if our approach to work was to make our employer and customers fail.

It’s time to fire our congresswoman because her approach to representing us has been to make the other side fail. She might as well be selling bruised peaches at her family’s fruit stand.

Pete Scobby



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