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Sun., July 15, 2012

Leaders are the problem

My fellow Americans, has it ever occurred to you that our federal government’s system of check and balances is built upon, and fosters and preserves, division, distrust and competitiveness and, thereby, logically constitutes the underlying source of our government’s growing ineffectiveness and ultimately all of America’s problems?

Yet, these thoughts shouldn’t be too shocking, for they are merely fleshing out President Ronald Reagan’s widely applauded statement: “Society can’t expect government to solve its problems. Government is the problem!” – a government he was proud to lead for two terms. Therefore, we can rightly rephrase his statement to read: Society can’t expect its leaders to solve its problems.

Leaders are the problem!

Moreover, it’s reasonable to conclude that blind political arrogance and the lust for power is the reason why none of our leaders has been willing to address this camouflaged tyranny. So, might we suggest to all members of our government that, rather than them trying to manage the ongoing problems that the misguided architects of division, distrust and competitiveness have institutionalized, they now assume the herewith delegated duty of promoting the life-improving democratic ideals of unity, equality, mutual prosperity, moral virtue and social justice, via cooperation.

Murray C. (Ray) O’Dell


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