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SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2012

If you were paying attention to last week’s news, you might do pretty well on this week’s newspaper edition of That’s News to You. You might also do well on our online version at www.spokesman. com/newsquiz, where you could have a chance to win a $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel or free movie tickets.

1. A memorial for Otto Zehm will be placed in which Spokane city park?

A. Cannon Hill

B. Franklin

C. Mission

D. Manito

E. Riverfront

2. The city of Spokane is going to sell property on North Lincoln Street overlooking the river that it bought 15 years ago for a bridge project that ultimately was canceled. That land has been the site of several restaurants over the last five decades. Which of the following was not one of them?

A. Anthony’s

B. The Polynesian

C. Salty’s

D. Black Angus

E. Patsy Clark’s

3. The nation’s largest railroad network last week designated Spokane as a Train Town USA. What railroad network is that?

A. Amtrak

B. Burlington Northern

C. Continental

D. Union Pacific

E. Can’t fool me. Spokane doesn’t have any significant connection to trains.

4. The historic Fancher Beacon tower, which was built in 1928 and torn down recently, was named for

A. Former Mayor Allen Fancher

B. Former Gov. Harold Fancher

C. Former Sen. Randolph Fancher

D. Former aviator John Fancher

E. Can’t fool me. It was named for someone whose full name was Fancher Beacon.

5. What governor attended a fundraiser in Spokane for GOP gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna last week?

A. Idaho Gov. Butch Otter

B. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal

C. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

D. Texas Gov. Rick Perry

E. Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels

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Find the answers and last week’s winners on Page B7.

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