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Wed., July 18, 2012

Fix U.S. Supreme Court

President Barack Obama is troubling, confusing, or scary for many. But so is Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate. We are buried by political action committee dollars, and each has their own big-money agenda that is not in the best interests of you and me. So, what do we do? Reacquire control of Congress!

The president has only two terms. The same must apply to all the elected. And we need to fix the U.S. Supreme Court. A lifetime appointment is insane. The president is one man. Congress is 535 people. But the Supreme Court is nine lawyers (just above used car salesmen in the trust department) who can totally thwart the direction of the president, the vote of Congress and the will of the people.

I really think we are distracted by the noise over one man when many socio-political issues are ultimately decided by those nine who are confirmed by 100 senators. Two questions: How many of you truly trust your elected congressperson to faithfully represent you? And: How many are constantly stunned by the decisions of the court? I rest my case (and I’m no lawyer).

Doug Kaer


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