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Fri., July 20, 2012

Two parties within GOP

Watching the back and forth of the two major parties, I’ve noticed something about the Republicans. There seem to be two parties within the GOP. One made up of a moral ideology based on the Bible: abortion rights, contraception, gay marriage, etc. Often the Bible is quoted extensively to justify a position counter to the liberal position.

If a position is made based on one religion’s teachings, where does that put the other religions’ rights?

The second faction is based on a financial ideology: less federal government regulation, tax breaks for the upper earners, anti-financial reform, curtailment of the Environmental Protection Agency, etc. Historically, most past recessions came roughly every 20 years through corporate greed: 1873, railroad speculation; 1893, silver market; 1929, Great Depression; 1974, oil crisis; 1990s, dot-com bust.

The only breaks in the pattern came from World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam and the Gulf War. Most business regulations here in the United States came about to prevent the recurrence of previous misdeeds for corporate greed.

Remember, if you feel strongly on one ideology and vote GOP, you must accept the other ideology without question even though you may not agree with it.

Shawn Larsen

Post Falls

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