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Benn is best candidate

Tim Benn would make the best representative for the 3rd Legislative District. He understands the needs of the citizens living in that district. He has no high-powered backers or high-dollar donations, which means when elected he could truly serve the people.

I have talked to him about the issues. He has experience as a small-business owner, and knows that small and local businesses are what will turn the economy around. He says we need to reduce the over-regulation of businesses and people. Those regulations cost money to enforce and cause businesses to go under and put people out of jobs.

He talks about finding ways for government to spend more efficiently so taxes don’t have to continue to be raised. He supports local control to increase the quality of education, spending more on students than the administration. Also, protecting the medical and retirement needs of veterans and seniors.

If you want more of the same empty promises and catering to only the wealthy and powerful, then the other candidates are for you.

But if you would like to see a change, Benn is the smart choice for state representative.

Tim Benn is my choice!

MaryAnne John



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