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Billig a proven legislator

Andy Billig deserves our votes for the state Senate, 3rd District. The district sits at the bottom of the list of household income in this state – that’s right, the bottom. What we need is a proven legislator who can bring living-wage jobs to our community, jobs that can support our families and our community.

Andy did more during his first term in the House than many of our region’s politicians have done in their entire careers in Olympia. He worked tirelessly to bring the four-year medical school to Spokane, which will help us leverage our remarkable health care system to its fullest potential. He helped pass balanced budgets during the worst economic downturn since the 1930s. He voted to protect the Spokane River and aquifer, the jewel of our region’s natural resources, which is why many of us live and recreate in the Inland Northwest.

Andy runs a successful, small business that is the envy of many larger markets, and he has the energy and passion to work for all of us in the Legislature to make our community a better place. That’s why I’m voting for Andy Billig, 3rd District, state Senate.

John Covert



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