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Billig advocates for women

As a young, independent woman, I find Andy Billig’s opponent’s stance that the morning-after pill should not be covered by insurance to be appalling. To say that it is unethical for a pharmacist to have to provide the morning-after pill if the pharmacist morally disagrees is a step too far. Where do you draw the line?

What if a pharmacist also finds it morally disagreeable to provide painkillers on the grounds that they are too addictive? What then? Will we deny those that need painkillers after surgery or painful accidents access to them simply because of their inability to pay?

Billig’s opponent represents archaic values that contribute to the oppression of the modern woman. Billig advocates for Spokane women. It is appalling that a female candidate would jeopardize the futures of fellow Spokane women to toe a party line.

Nancy McLaughlin is the anti-woman woman. A vote for Billig is a vote for Spokane women.

Abbey Cook



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