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Sun., July 22, 2012

Gay marriage is wrong

In the article, “Marriage right is for everyone,” Greg and Anne Jones see no wrong in same-sex marriage, and are distressed over the Catholic hierarchy’s position in denying equal rights to gays and lesbians.

The authors were brought up in families who were influenced by generations of Catholic tradition. I doubt these ancestors would agree to their descendants’ position now on same-sex marriage. Could it be that they have been influenced by the new church, which has changed in many ways over the past 40-plus years, due to the Second Vatican Council?

As for the claim that the majority of Catholics believe that same-sex marriage is right, that does not make it right.

In the prayers for today’s Mass, the seventh Sunday after Pentecost, the Offertory prayer concludes with these words: “… for there is no confusion to those who trust in You, O Lord.” It would be well to ponder on this.

Joan C. Hughes


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