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Sun., July 22, 2012

He is our president

“Who does he think he is?” asks Mitt Romney, exercising his freedom of speech against President Obama.

“He” is our president, duly elected by a clear majority of the people of the United States (and not by the Supreme Court).

“He” is an open book. He doesn’t hide his past. He acknowledges smoking and drinking. In so doing, he hurt himself, not others. (There are no bullying haircuts he cannot recall.)

Whoever “he” is, whatever “he” achieved, did not come from a silver spoon. He knows discomfort, and probably hunger, too.

When he smiles, I want to smile with him. It’s a broad smile, not scripted. He puts me at ease. He looks at Michelle with love and admiration. She is his equal. His daughters have his unconditional love. Let us note that their example is how we might treat one another.

“He” is a true protector of our exceptional country. I can sleep peacefully knowing that he will not launch us into needless warfare.

Some question his faith. He talks like a Christian, he walks like a Christian, he is one. He follows the Golden Rule. He cares.

That’s who “he” is.

Halina Slobodow


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