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The Slice: One filled with air; one with errors

Tue., July 24, 2012

Tara Leininger’s neighbors recently welcomed a new baby.

“To celebrate they had a 6-foot-tall inflated (and internally lit) stork with a banner,” she wrote. “Their 3-year-old daughter was intrigued by the large white bird with a yellow beak.”

The little girl declared, “I like the duck!”

Her dad corrected her, explaining that the inflated bird was a stork.

The child mulled that. Then she issued a ruling: “I still like the dork!”

Take my readers, please: Robert McGinty noted that it’s not uncommon to hear those who do not live on the South Hill refer to those residing in that part of town as “cake eaters.”

With that in mind, he submitted a joke in response to the request in Friday’s Slice.

“A South Hill woman walks into a psychiatrist’s office and asks, ‘Why do I have this strong desire to eat cake?’ ”

Great moments in Inland Northwest softball: This was back in the 1990s, during a game in Post Falls.

“Our clean-up hitter, Dennis, comes to the plate with the bases loaded,” wrote Phil Seifert.

Everyone was thinking grand slam. Instead, Dennis hit an infield pop-up.

“Storming off the field, he throws his bat into the ground. The bat bounces back and hits his forehead. Instead of getting four runs-batted-in he received six stitches.”

Seifert said teammates tried not to laugh. “But failed.”

Bird by bird: Martha Calvert shared a photo taken at a motel in South Dakota. It shows a sign outside a little laundry room for guests.

“HUNTERS: When you are washing and drying your clothing or hunting gear please make sure that all of the pheasant feathers are emptied out of what is being washed and dried before using the machines.”

Slice answers: Given the choice of lazy, hazy or crazy, most responding readers said their summer had been lazy so far.

And in the matter of summer destinations you would rather avoid, Bari Cordia Federspiel said “Silverwood.”

Today’s Slice question: Remember when it was expected that you would root against the Russians in the Olympics but you wound up seeing some of the athletes as individuals with distinct personalities and remarkable abilities?

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