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Weisz stars in ‘Deep Blue Sea’

“The Deep Blue Sea”: Shot in a gauze of melancholy, Terence Davies’ crushing adaptation of the 1952 Terrence Rattigan play is a meditation on self-destruction and desire, with Rachel Weisz as the London magistrate’s wife who tosses her life away for a lover she knows doesn’t love her back. (1:38, R for a scene of sexuality and nudity) • • • 1/2

“Footnote”: The rivalry between father-and-son Talmudic scholars spins into a moral and ethical whirlwind when one is honored with a huge prize, in this brilliant tragicomedy from Israeli filmmaker Joseph Cedar. Nominated for the foreign-language Academy Award. (1:43, PG for thematic elements, brief nudity, language and smoking) • • • •

“The Lucky One”: Zac Efron is an Iraq war veteran who finds a photo in the bombed-out rubble – a photo of a radiant woman – and decides to track her down when he returns stateside. Fate, destiny and sage clichés whorl together in this glossy, sun-dappled adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks romance. With Taylor Schilling as the girl in the photo. (1:41, PG-13 for some sexuality and violence) • • 1/2

“Meeting Evil”: Samuel L. Jackson stars as a mysterious, menacing man in black, and Luke Wilson is the woebegone sap he meets up with in this mortgage crisis nightmare noir. It could have been pulpy fun, but the heavy-handed filmmaking misses just about every opportunity for irony, or subtlety, or cool. (1:29, R for violent content and language) • 1/2


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